Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Scarecrow Festivals 2016

Looking for Scarecrow Fun?

Creatures made of straw, dressed as goblins or other dark spirit forces have long been part of America’s agricultural lore. They were designed to scare away intruders like crop-eating birds and animals, as well as thieves who would steal garden produce. In some cases it was believed that as advocates scarecrows encouraged abundance. 

Throughout history there have been crop protectors who could invite in the divine blessings of the food gods like Priapus the Greek god of farmers. In all cases, whether welcoming or frightening, scarecrows had an important job to do; they took care of the crops when the farmer was away.

Historically, the scarecrow as we know it here in America has strong bonds of kinship with other scarecrow spirits around the world. For example, the elaborate Slavic “spirits of the field.” The Polish starch (spirit), for example, was reputed to use riddles and difficult questions on suspected thieves, with threats of disease for the trespasser who answered incorrectly.

To help you have some scarecrow fun, we’ve compiled a list of upcoming scarecrow festivals:

3rd Annual Eureka Scarecrow Festival 2016. Eureka, California.  October 1 at The Timbers. Join us for lots of crafts, exciting airbrush tattoos, wax hands, games, food, a bounce house, and more. Details. http://scarecrowfestivaleureka.com/
Scarecrow Festival 2016. October 7-9, 2016. St Charles, Illinois. For 30+ years, this award-winning festival has brought a tradition for thousands of families across the Midwest. Details: http://scarecrowfest.com/
Cambria Harvest Festival October 8-9, 2016. Cambria, California One of the most artful and unique scarecrow festivals in the country. Details: cambriascarecrows.com
7th Annual Scarecrow Festival October 15, 2016.  Cross Creek, Texas. Besides the collection of creative, full-size scarecrows, families will enjoy live music, apple bobbing, face painting, pumpkin decorating and more. Details http://www.crosscreektexas.com/scarecrow-fest
Windsor Harvest Jamboree October 23, 2016. This family oriented event offers pumpkin painting, scarecrow building, pumpkin bowling, and pumpkin car races.

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