Monday, December 19, 2016

8 New Year Customs

Just how many ways are there to usher in a new calendar year? About as many ways as there are cultures that take note of this pivotal time of year. 

Some of the customs are very unusual, others are common for several different regions of the world.

Here are eight thаt we though were pretty interesting.

 and did some research and discovered some unusual customs. 

Burma- For the Thingyan Festival people splash water on one another to start the new year with a purified soul.

Armenia- Armenian mothers bake special bread they have kneaded luck and good wishes into. 

Italy- Red underwear on New Year’s Eve is thought to bring love and good luck.

Switzerland- Dropping a spoonful of fresh cream onto the floor on New Year’s Day will bring in a rich year.

Netherlands- Christmas Tree bonfires purge the old and welcome in the new.

Russia- Wishes written down are burned. The ashes are placed into a glass of champagne that must drunk at midnight.

Austria- New year feasts of pig and chocolate shaped pigs are common fare. This animal is a symbol of good luck.

Czech Republic- Predictions for the coming year are made by reading the shape of an apple’s core cut in half.

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