Monday, January 23, 2017

5 February Festivals

 Celebrate the Coming of Spring!

February with its promise of coming spring is a very popular month for festivals. Maybe its because these events give people a chance to gather together again after the cold, wet of winter.

If you are looking for a festival to enjoy, here's a list of five we thought were pretty fascinating:

Wanderlust: Wanderlust was created to combine yoga with live music, farm-to-table food, outdoor adventure, inspirational speakers, and a healing vibe. This festival aims to meet virtually each person’s music taste while being around like-minded folks. Plus, it’s a change to enjoy a change of scenery. Location: Taupo, New Zealand. 
Dates: February 2-5.

Extreme Beer Fest: The Extreme Beer Fest celebrates some of the most progressive and popular craft beer brewers today. Two full days of beer tastings feature some of the nation's best breweries including Dogfish Head, Lost Abbey, and Revolution. Location: Boston, Massachusetts. Dates: February 3-4.

Detroit Lakes Polar Fest: Polar Fest was created in 1996 by a woman who loved winter. The annual festival includes a Polar Fest Plunge into Little Detroit Lake plus a myriad of other activities ranging from golfing on the lake to presentations by polar explorers to dances in the sand.  Location: Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. Dates: February 9-20.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival: The Oregon Shakespeare Festival displays theatrical performances of the period as well as up-and-coming and modern pieces at their two indoor stages and flagship outdoor Allen Elizabethan Theatre. Other plays from the last several hundred years also make appearances and more than 11 plays take to the stage each year, seen from start of production to finish. Most plays were written by Shakespeare, and the rest are a mix of the local best as well as the biggest shows from modern theatre. Location: Ashland, Oregon. Dates: February 17-19.

Arts Alive! Home and Garden Festival: The Arts Alive! Home and Garden Festival features the latest in gardening and home goods, offering a variety of fun and innovative home and garden products. The two-day event has a variety of demonstrations, seminars, and other educational programs on topics like gardening with native plants and keeping backyard chickens. Location: Wichita Falls, Texas. Dates: February 25-26.

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