Monday, September 15, 2014

Food Art: Food Lore

Artist Hong Yi

Food can be the stuff of art. Just ask Hong Yi. This artistic free spirit takes food art to new levels. Malaysian born artist and architect, she uses all types of unconventional objects to create her artwork. The use of food shows her creativity has a ‘no boundaries’ approach that has helped to break some of artistic barriers.  

Is That Art?

Hong Yi  -  whose nickname is Red - has achieved recognition for her food creations, but she uses all types of objects in her artwork. In her own words: “I like to paint but not with a paintbrush.”

Her portraits of Chinese film director Zhang Yimou created with bamboo and socks and a picture of a Taiwanese musician made by staining a canvas using only a coffee cup are truly a thing of beauty. Her unique techniques and unquestionable creativity combine to produce almost unbelievable results.

Food Challenge

Hong Yi took her food art abilities to new heights recently by completing a 30 day food challenge. During this artistic challenge she created 30 different artistic creations using food alone. The plate was her canvas and all artwork was created using edible items. Even though Yi had used food for her artistic creations before, she gives the phrase playing with food new meaning.  

Critics of Hong Yi

Artist Hong Yi is praised by many for her creativity, but she is not free from criticism. There are some reviewers that claim her work is not actual art. Some believe a more traditional approach to art would release her true talent, but Yi stays true to her own artistic calling. Implementing inventive and unique objects into her artwork is what she does and it stands out.

And, along the way, her food artwork is so beautiful you almost don’t want to eat it.

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Monday, September 8, 2014


Stone Alphabet

Language has transformed over time and across cultures. Even so, Runes have remained an ancient writing system that is connected to mythology. What makes it unique is the use of characters very different from the alphabet as we know it. Rune symbols were first seen as lines, which made them simpler to carve into stone.

Origin of Runes

The oldest Runes in existence can be traced to about 1600 years ago, according to archaeological dating techniques. It is believed that Runes are based on Latin script.

Myth and Runes

Even though Odin was credited with the existence of Runes, it was another god entirely that is said to have taught this writing system to people. The god Heimdal traveled about teaching children how to use Runes, many of which were found in caves.

Use of Runes

Since Runes writing represented sounds they were ideal for writing and could be used to form words. Many of the Runes we see today were used as inscriptions for monuments. The lines of Runes make them easy to carve into stone, which is ideal for most monuments. They were also used to pass along messages.

There have been countless artifacts with Runic symbols found throughout northern Europe. Many of the Runes were said to be magical; their inscriptions and messages were believed to be both powerful and magical.