Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fall Folklore in Tennessee

This traditional jamboree - now in its 11th year - sounds like so much fun!
Hosted by the W
est Tennessee Agricultural Museum and University of Tennessee Research and Education Center at Milan, it takes place on Saturday, October 17.
This well-attended event draws many visitors from across the mid-south who want to spend the day learning about and celebrating past traditions. Highlights include bluegrass music, old-fashioned foods, and more than 130 friendly folk artists who will share remarkable skills and crafts such as blacksmithing, wood carving, and knitting and weaving.
Museum officials say that during the Jamboree, visitors are free to tour the museum to learn more about the agrarian lifestyle of the past, including horse plowing and logging, and a working grist mill.
What's especially exciting is that the event focuses in upon fall folklore; what people used to do to end one agricultural season (harvest) and prepare for the next (spring).
If anyone knows of other fall folklore events, please let me know.

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