Thursday, December 3, 2009

Legends and Myths: Just For Kids

Oban the Knowledge Keeper at Planet Ozkids is devoted to telling tales to children.
The site's creator who created the Oban character writes:

Explore our collection of myths and legends, read postcards and stories from the animals we have met and have fun playing our games and puzzles.
Learn about endangered animals and environments, Biomes and read amazing animal facts.
Oban has added some more Native American legends and Aesop fables to his collection of myths and legends.

The tales, drawn largely from Native American Indians, the Aboriginal Dreamtime, Korea, India and many other countries the creator has visited. These tales include Pelican Girl, How Kangaroo Got His Tail, Big Turtle, and How Coyote Got Fire. These tales are definite keepers!

The idea behind Planet Ozkids is a Word Design Interactive venture creating original learning products using the principles of Integrated Themes and Active Learning.

Planet Ozkid's mission is provide children age 8 to 14 years, their educators, teachers and parents with:

* Products that inform, involve, increase creativity and are fun to use.
* A broader, richer learning experience, integrating new technologies and media for a new century of education.
* A safe environment where children can satisfy their natural curiosity and sense of adventure.

I think Planet Ozkids is onto something. Take a look for yourself!

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