Monday, January 25, 2010

Author Ricky Roberts Shares Surfing Folktale

Folktales often provide insights into our beliefs about the world we live in. Whether they are about a person, place, activity or event in the past or the present, they show us how people have handled the challenge of living their lives with dignity and purpose.

Here is a surfing folktale (narrative essay format) by Ricky Roberts, author of Where Did The Gift Go (Tate Publishing) about a memorable encounter he had on the beach one day while enjoying a favorite activity, surfing. In it he shares his understanding about the relationship between the natural world and the spiritual world.

We all find our rhythm, connection, and relationships in our own way, place, and time. Regardless of how you may find your peace, or what you may call it, just allow it, and the details will become clear in their own time.
This brings me to an experience that I had surfing one day. The waves were fun, and the weather was amazing! The sun was about to set, and the sky began to work its magic, turning many shades of orange and blue. It was beautiful! There was a guy next to me that I told how thankful that I was to be there. I also made the comment of how much of a blessing it was to see it. After the blessing comment, he asked me where I went to church. I said the name of the churches that I would attend at that time in my life, when I was inspired to do so. There always seems to be more than one church that I am drawn to, and I always do my best to listen to where I need to be for that day, if I need to be there at all. I went on to tell him that I sometimes find my church in the water surfing, or at a park. I also added that I don’t necessarily attend church every Sunday; if I’m led to be outside then that’s where I will be. I said, “I do my best to be in tune with where God leads me to be, at all times, Sunday or not.” He began to preach to me without knowing anything about me, or where I am spiritually, and how devoted that I am to following my higher purpose of being here. He said, “You know, brother, you can’t drift away from the church.” I asked him, “What do you think we’re having right now? After all, we are in God’s creation, sharing this moment, talking about his love.” He said, “That’s true, but you do need fellowship.” I said, “I do agree, that’s why I fellowship everywhere I am.”
It is easy to get so caught up in our belief systems that we miss out on what a gift it is to have the opportunity to interact with people on all levels and of all places, and experience God beyond the walls of a building on Sundays.

Ricky has also written YOU, and What Really Matters? His desire to be of service is evident in the passion of his writing. For more information, please his website.

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