Monday, March 29, 2010

The Egg Trick in Spring (and Fall)

My friend Michael North recently shared this great Egg Trick story. It has become a family folktale that Michael says continues to create wonder in friends and others.

For some it has become "the point of perpendicularity."

The egg trick:
Spring is big in my family. It goes back quite aways to our days in Salt Lake City, Utah, but nothing beats The Egg Trick story of 1956. It was a story my dad shared with me 20 years ago during my 30th birthday party. My dad was a rabble-rouser. He and several others didn't like their boss. One day the boss had enough and called a meeting.

The boss walked in fifteen minutes late or so and asked what the beef was. My dad and others griped awhile and he glanced at the clock and said..enough, you guys all think you can be me...then do this.

He took a egg from his pocket and set it on the table. It didn't fall over. It stayed straight up for over a minute and was greeted by open mouths, awe and total silence. He grabbed the egg, cracked it open and poured the raw contents in the trash and left.

That can only be done right at spring or fall and lasts usually for about one minute. This year it was 10:32 PDT March 21.
You can do the egg trick however you want – and can even use two eggs or more if you’d like - but know if you do, my Dad says 'hello'.

Michael says that you can set up eggs east to west and watch then fall like dominoes. He receives pictures of this every year from friends who have heard the story.
And, by the way, he said it also works in the fall!

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