Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July: Romantic Sparks

My husband David and I met 20 years ago at a Fourth of July BBQ potluck. The casual potluck was held at my house in Cotati and I had invited a handful of friends to come spend the afternoon with me. Among those invited were my friends David T and Susan P. David T was a colleague of mine at the Marin Independent Journal newspaper. We both worked in the production department building ads that were one of the daily newspaper’s staples. David and I had been friends about 3 years at the time and had enjoyed countless conversations and moments of camaraderie while supporting one another in our writing and romantic relationship categories.

David T asked if he could bring his friend David Gonzalez to the potluck as the two of them had been near Vacaville that morning celebrating David T’s daughter’s birthday.

Sure, I said. Why not?

While friends tricked in and out all afternoon, it was my friend David T, his friend David and my friend Susan who basically spent the afternoon together.

I was smitten right away by David Gonzalez’s big brown eyes and wanted instantly to melt beneath their powerful gaze. But I didn’t… I’d learned not to rush into relationships; especially those that carried such a magnetic pull.

It took David T about 6 weeks of off and one delicate suggestions that David Gonzalez and I should go out on a date for me to finally agree. I wasn’t looking for any romance and yet I was drawn to David Gonzalez. I finally agreed to meet him at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire… and haven’t looked back since then.

David T and Susan P also made a connection that day that would lead to the start of their marriage, too. That 4th of July was very special for all four of us.

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