Friday, October 8, 2010

The Fading Light of Summer

Here in California we are still having summer weather. The hot dog days of Indian Summer that pretty much define September are still making their way into October. It's the shortening of the daylight hours that tell me summer is over. Night walks after dinner with the dog are now dark.
Still I know it's time to put summer away. So I think I'll share a few summer memories to close out the season.

== Tomales Beach: It's a beautiful place. Clean sands and friendly people from all over populate the expansive shoreline.
== BBQ dinners: Had lots of them this year.
== Late nights: Something about long days that keep us from going to bed early even though we still had to get up at the regular time in the morning.
== Relaxed mornings: Didn't need to get up with our daughter on school mornings. We lingered more over our morning coffee. Our daughter, of course, slept until 11 every day.
== Community garden tomatoes and sunflowers. It's not summer without the sunflowers!

My own memories were inspired by what the folks at Growing Bolder did. Growing Bolder staff and friends chimed in about their summer memories; some of which go back many years.

Take a few minutes to read what they wrote. They could inspire you, too!

After all, when the light is out all we've got to remind us are the memories. I hope you have some great ones!

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