Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mothers and Moonbeams

The moon has long been a mythical and folkloric symbol. Often considered feminine in nature, it represents light in the darkness and its cyclic flow of wax and wane for thousands and thousands of years has been connected to the course of seasonal events and activities around the world.

The lunar calendar of such long-established cultures as the Asian and Hebrew people, for example, has been a guiding force, a way to measure the days and years. In this way life has become linked to the phases of the moon which themselves are often the subject of artistic (poetic) expression.

The moon has also been a subject of deep study. The astronomical and astrological communities have all been watching and charting that celestial body for quite some time. Because its rotation synchronizes with that of Earth, questions about its existence and impact upon our planet have ranged from “can it sustain life as we know it?” to “how does it – or does it - influence the way people feel and think?” to “how does its gravitational pull actually work?”

The moon is the Earth’s only natural satellite. Whether it is being observed for social or scientific reasons, for natural or supra-natural content, it is without a doubt one of the most discussed heavenly bodies.

I was recently introduced to Journaling by the Moonlight: A Mother’s Path to Self-Discovery (Moonlight Muse Press) by Author Tina M. Games. This well-planned book provides women and men with an opportunity to have their own personal understanding of and relationship to the moon.

Games, a creativity and life purpose coach, calls upon her own personal moonlight journey as a mother to illuminate the conflicts that are inherent for women as they become mothers. Sleepless nights, crying babies, nurturing urgent infant needs, confused priorities, and more can result in anxiety, stress and depression. For some of us, the newness of motherhood as a role can collide with all else that we do and know ourselves to be.

This elegantly designed book is designed to dispel the shadows of conflict that arise. It is in simple terms, a road map that reaches between here and there – motherhood and me – earth and moon.

The 144 pages include thoughtful Moonlight Musings that provide insightful and contemplative questions that foster greater self-discovery. Here is one of my favorites: Take a step outside on a clear evening and take in the light of the moon. Sit with the energy for a few minutes, breathing deeply and exhaling slowly. Now close your eyes and imagine yourself gliding with the energy of the moonbeams. What does this feel like? What is coming to mind? Take some time to write about this here.

Journaling by the Moonlight: A Mother’s Path to Self-Discovery
is comforting. Pages of wisdom encourage creativity and clarification of life purpose. It would make for a wonderful gift to self or to new and expectant mothers who want to weather the upswells and downpours that come with such an important life transition.

For book details visit the author’s website.


  1. Hi, Karen -

    Many thanks for your great review! It's much appreciated.

    I really love your blog! I learn something new every time I visit!

    Tina M. Games
    "The Moonlight Muse"

  2. Thanks, Tina.
    Your book is beautiful. What a wonderful gift it would be for mothers at any stage/phase.