Friday, December 2, 2011

A Vibrant Winter of Folk Art in Hollywood

Folk art is often considered to be art of the folk (the common man or woman) and, as such, it is often kept separate from fine art. That's primarily because people make distinctions between art that is primarily utilitarian and decorative and art that is purely aesthetic. (Hard to pour water from a canvas, right?)

Folk art is often described as the art of indigenous cultures, peasants, or tradespeople. But what about the art work of literate, classically or formally educated and/or explosive artists who produce pieces that draw from the deep wells of their own cultural experiences in a way that everyone can relate to?

At the Winter Folk Art Show at La Luz De Jesus Gallery in Hollywood, such work is both folk art and fine art alive and well. A handful of artists have brought together images we all can recognize and relate to.

For example:

Gin Stevens (upper left) traced the history of Blues in this 2010 collection that culminated in a large scale work tracing of the three distinct genres of Blues music: Chicago, Delta, and Texas.

Jessica Goldfinch(upper right) studied and focused on world ideologies and creatively incorporated them into her art. Here she depicts religious imagery in an organic and humanist sense.

The show runs from Dec. 3 through Jan. 2.

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