Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Shadow of Morray Hill

Book Review

Mystery, Romance, and Adventure

Filled with suspense, romance, adventure and mystery, The Shadow of Morray Hill by Dalton C. Teczon brings a “California playboy” to a small, quiet town. Unaware of his new mansions haunted past, it creates quite the story for readers to follow.

The old Gayden mansion on Morray Hill is where Dane, the billionaire, finds his true love Cassia, a gallery worker he met at the bar. Instantly falling in love at first sight, the “big city boy with the heart of a simple country boy” brings her on their first adventure in his mansion when the stumble upon a secret room. The descriptive language throughout the story captures the reader’s attention and draws the reader into the intensity of the story while creating the serial drama soap opera .

“The fires that burned between two, heartbeats racing…with the brief fear of being lost forever in the blaze that consumes not the innocent, but that which few ever return from.”

While Dane has genuine intentions for buying the house no one has lived in for quite some time, many of the local men are not too fond of the wealthy man coming into town and wowing all the women. This results in some bar altercations and fights, but Dane has the ability to take on groups of men and even when hit, he does not falter.

Throughout the story you are also introduced to Sheila and Bailey, whom you suspect are up to no good as they try to get closer to Dane for reasons unknown at first. But Dane finds the love of his life and a secret that brings them both to the old mansion. Their love is not always easy, and Dane finds himself on a wild ride with his heart or where it will be taken. Thus, shadows remain over Morray Hill.

Any reader with a craving for the unknown, adventure, passionate romance and writing that makes you feel as if you are in the story will enjoy The Shadow of Morray Hill. The book's few cliches will not stop you from getting your fill of suspense.

Dalton C. Teczon has written a variety of fiction stories, screenplays, romantic songs and poems. Inspired by the works of the late Walt Disney, he shares youthful adventures filled with innocent love, music and bits of humor. Most of his stories are inspired by his dreams and are the product of his expansive imagination.

This book and his first book, Vampire, The Unwilling are both available in paperback and Kindle. For details, visit Amazon.


  1. Wow, what a Wonderful Review! Thank you so much! :)

  2. Dalton, you are an incredible writer. It is a pleasure to have your work here!