Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ascension: The Hero's Journey

Do you feel like a misfit in your own life and body? Maybe you awoke from a strange dream too vivid not to be real. Have you survived a near-death experience, had an out-of-body occurrence, or dissociative episode, or soul exchange? Others may have noticed the change and made comments like, “You act like a totally different person.” Inwardly, you may be confused, overly sensitive, or so anxious it feels as though your nervous system has been hooked to an electric power line. Regardless of what has happened, you may need help integrating these higher frequencies that are now available to you. Shifting into Purer Consciousness can help you manage the physical and emotional symptoms associated with rapid spiritual progress.
The paragraph above is a description of Yvonne Perry’s latest book, Shifting into Purer Consciousness ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience. As part of the virtual tour for her book, I am sharing a video about the book and an article about why Yvonne wrote a book about the ascension process. You may learn more about Yvonne and her book at http://shiftingintopurerconsciousness.com.


Why Yvonne Wrote a Book About the Ascension Process

I originally started to write this book because I wanted to share the story about a huge spiritual transformation known as a walk-in or soul exchange that I experienced in 1999. That event totally changed my life and I began a new spiritual journey that has continued to grow in intensity. There is not much material about the topic and people need help understanding this process, so I thought that writing a book about it might be a blessing to others who are going through significant changes in their lives.
I began journaling that story in 2003 when I first discovered what a walk-in soul is. I put the manuscript aside because I was busy starting my freelance writing business, Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services (http://writersinthesky.com). I added material to the manuscript in 2005 when I had another significant spiritual event. Then it sat for another five years as I wrote and released four other books.
It was during the process of writing Whose Stuff Is This? ~ Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You that I felt a sense of urgency that the time had come for me to begin writing the book about my spiritually-transforming experience. It wasn’t until after that book was published and my launch for it was completed that I began to seriously get down to the business of writing what I thought would be a detailed encounter of my soul exchange. I soon discovered that my inner guidance was leading me to minimize the details of my walk-in story, expand the scope of the book, and focus on helping people manage the accelerated frequencies of the great shift into purer consciousness that humanity is currently going through.
Many people, who were raised in a religious environment like I was, have a lot of fear regarding what they consider to be the “end times.” This transformational period is actually the earth moving from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age on the zodiac. My book sheds light on the science behind the shift and will bring a new understanding to Bible scriptures and doomsday prophecies that have caused great concern for those who believe that the Earth will be destroyed by some cataclysmic event in our near future. It is a message of hope and comfort that teaches how to consciously participate in your own personal evolution as you shift into purer consciousness. 

Yesterday, the tour stopped at Doreen Pendgracs’ Wizard of Words blog. Tomorrow the tour will be at Denise Demaras blog and I invite you to visit that site to learn more about the spiritual transition we are currently in. See the full tour schedule at http://dld.bz/byrF7.


  1. Thank you, Karen, for posting this lovely piece as part of my virtual book tour. It's always a pleasure to network with you.

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  2. Yvonne, I love the light of your work. A true 'heroine's journey!