Monday, January 7, 2013

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Stones and Flowers
= Garnet is the birthstone of those born in January. Folk believe that its powers include healing, strength, and protection. Folklore about it indicates that it relieve skin inflammations and regulate the heart and blood flow. In earlier times, garnets were exchanged as gifts between friends to demonstrate their affection for each other and to insure that they meet again.
= The January flower is Carnation. Its botanical name – Dianthus - means divine flower and its flesh-pink color was used as a background wash by Elizabethan portrait painters. The blooms are edible; petals can be sprinkled over a leafy salad for color and a spicy scent.

Weather Lore
= If birds begin to sing in January, frosts will come. 
=A favorable January brings a good year.
=A wet January, a wet Spring.
 Special Days in January
January 14: On the second Monday in January, Japan celebrates Coming of Age Day. Anyone who reached the age of 20 years old is congratulated in a public non-secular setting. Afterwards there are family celebrations and then the youth go out on their own to have fun.
January 21: The third Monday in January commemorates the January 15, 1929 birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. He was an American clergyman, activist, and prominent leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement. He is best known for his role in the advancement of civil rights using nonviolent civil disobedience.
January 26th is a national holiday in India. They celebrate the original adoption of the Constitution of India which marks the day (1950) India broke free of the rule of the British and became its own republic.
January 29: Feast of Saints Peter and Paul. This Catholic liturgical feast honors the martyrdom of  these two apostles.

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