Monday, April 15, 2013

Frog Lore

In the spirit of April’s National Frog Month, here are some examples of folklore and mythology surrounding this amphibious creature; especially its development from infancy to maturity. Frogs must go through the process of metamorphosis to reach the stage of being a frog. They start as tadpole, and then sprout tails and gills, and soon after that have legs and can be land or aquatic living creatures. It is no wonder they represent birth and transition in many cultures. Some societies also believe that frogs represent fertility, healing, and opportunity.Here are some examples of folk knowledge and wisdom:

  • Pacific Northwest: It is believed that if you rub the tummy of a frog you will soon be rewarded with good luck. For more details, check out the Snohomish Ground Frog Day.
  •  China: the frog symbolizes “Yin” or good energy. Images of frogs placed in the windows of houses can create happy family living or aid with childbirth.
  •  Japan: A traveler who wears an amulet of a frog is ensured of a safe journey.
  •  Ancient Egypt: The goddess “Heket,” had the head of a frog. Many worshiped her as the Goddess of Birthing. 

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