Monday, May 6, 2013

Folk Musician Bob Marley

 Bob Marley is not only a folk artist, who is recognized for his reggae music talent and revolutionary lyrics, but he is also an iconic figure around the globe. This Rastafarian musician has set a precedent for anyone involved in reggae and the ska (rock steady reggae) genre style of music. Although he passed away on May 11, 1981 (born February 6, 1945) his presence is still felt and celebrated today.

Marley’s imprint changed popular music. He was not a powerful singer and songwriter, he was loyal to his native Jamaica and support revolution and spirituality live on through his lyrics.  The end result is that he sang about the Jamaican people’s fight for freedom.

His messages are what made him a musical folk hero that people all over the world could relate to. That’s why as a solo-artist and as a part of Marley and The Wailers, he released over 12 albums in his lifetime, selling over 20 million records.  

He was dedicated to the Rastafarian movement – a monotheistic (one-god) spiritual movement that emphasizes and traces its origin to Abraham. This commitment  played a key role in his efforts to bridge the gaps between Jamaican ‘third world’ reggae music and the world outside that allowed him to unveil political issues in and around Jamaica.

Many have said that his folk spirit expressed love, peace and freedom for all. These values add to his recognition as a folk hero.

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