Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Vampires Uncovered in Bulgaria

  Perperikon Site

 Archaeologists working on Bulargia’s Perperikon site have found the skeleton of a vampire; in fact, they have found 100 vampire skeletons. Thought you didn’t believe in vampires? Tis the season for scares, surprises and vampires so boo!

Vampires are folkloric beings who date back to prehistoric times. They are used in our scary pop-culture as creatures that would prey on children and feed on their blood. What makes vampires even spookier is that they are living creatures regardless of whether they are dead or not.

In Bulgaria, a team of archaeologists discovered the Sozopol vampire last year making news throughout foreign media. The most recent skeleton was of a male buried with a ploughshare in his chest. Professor Nikolai Ovcharov already believes it to be a ‘twin of the Sozopol vampire.’

Still spinning at the thought of vampires, even if they are remains? Artifacts on the bodies such as coins led archeologists to believe the remains dated back between the 13th and 14th century, so you can take a breath, they are long gone.

The site was inhabited during the early Iron Age and well into the medieval era. During this time period, there was a group that was suspected of being warlocks communicating with Satan (the ‘vampires’). A group of highly superstitious and medieval Europeans accused them of using their magic and killed these so-called ‘vampires’ by driving iron stakes or ploughshares directly through the hearts to prevent ‘undeath’.

The remains found in the Perperikon site appear to be the first publicized ‘vampire’ remains discovered. Ovcharov, one of Bulgaria’s best-known archaeologists, has lead the digs at Perperikon for over 13 years and earlier this spring said he hoped to finish work on the Perperilon acropolis this season.

As on can imagine, the Perperkion has become a popular tourist attraction. The team is planning for new projects after the spring, ensuring this long-term archaeological work will continue to unveil new discoveries.

Ready to explore this archeological gem for yourself? Find out more about the vampire folk history here, but just make sure to leave the lights on and  the garlic out! If vampires aren’t your Halloween treat, explore our top picks for the scariest haunted houses in America!

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