Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Soul Food Keeps Away the Chill

Soup Lore

Soup dates back as early as 6000 BC. Preparing a combination of ingredients in a pot was ideal for both sedentary and traveling cultures. Over time they evolved to reflect regional food choices. 
Think Spanish gazpacho and Italian minestrone and you get the idea.

The word itself relates to the act of soaking food and can be traced back to the Latin verb suppare which was borrowed from the same prehistoric German root (sup-) as produced in English supper. Of note: the noun suppa passed into Old French as soupe.

Soup can be made from almost any combination of ingredients and many a tasty version has been ‘discovered’ while experimenting. This personalization makes it ideal for  family foodlore.

For fun, here are a few delicious recipes you may want to check out:

Chicken Corn Tortilla Soup: Think of a chicken enchilada turned into a soup. Crunchy tortilla chips, succulent chicken and sweet corn make this soup a hit with adults and kids alike. http://ow.ly/rGeSg

Chilled Papaya and Watermelon Soup: This summer soup is seasoned with coriander and coconut Water. This sweet, delish, and light, soup provides energy and color to your day. http://ow.ly/rGfbs

Pumpkin Soup Recipe: A warm and hearty bowl of soup is comfort food. While most of us know the joys of a slice of pumpkin pie, few know the happiness of a bowl of pumpkin soup. http://ow.ly/rGfZo

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