Monday, February 10, 2014

Saint Valentine

Just Who Was He?

The folklore question of the week is who was Saint Valentine? This Italian native, according to early records, was a widely recognized third-century Roman saint who was associated with the tradition of courtly love. However, no one knows for sure if this was the only Valentine in the book, so to speak.
Interestingly, the official Roman Catholic roster of saints shows almost a dozen of them. These martyrs were given this ‘strong, powerful’ title between the second and eighth centuries A.D. In fact, there was even a Pope Valentine who served for a little over a month around A.D. 827.
Whomever, and whichever one you believe is the ‘real deal’, this saint is responsible for taking care of beekeepers and is most commonly called upon to guide the lives of lovers. 
If you want to know more about St. Valentine’s Day, check out this video. To learn more about folk heroes, click here.

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