Monday, June 23, 2014

3 Mythical Monsters

Mythic Members of the Animal Kingdom

Stories and characters in mythology continue to stay with us, even in today’s highly digital world. Among them are monsters that are unforgettable.

Basilisk: a reptile considered to be renowned as the king of the serpents. It is believed to possess a magical power that can with just a glimpse cause death to anyone. Measured to be no more than twelve fingers long, it is part of the cobra family and some myths report that its venom strikes its enemies eyes.  

Roc: a massive well-known white bird of prey. It is famed in Arabian sailors’ myths and stories and is believed to have once soared over the China Seas.  So physically strong it is credited with being able to hold an elephant in its talons. It was also to be the driving force responsible for delivering a blessed piece of wood to King Solomon so that he could complete the Temple.

Manticore: s a Persian creature that is known to be comparable to the Egyptian sphinx. It has a head like man with sharp teeth like the shark, and a red lion’s physique. It also had horns and, in some cultures, a dragon tail that could throw people, making them completely or partially immobile.

These creatures had skills and strengths that went beyond those of the natural world. Their extra special characteristics are what made them able to complete certain tasks and help humans accomplish great deeds.

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