Monday, August 25, 2014


Xochiquetzal: Aztecan Goddess of Love 

Xochiquetzal is the goddess of love in Aztec mythology. She is also known as Ichpochtli, which means maiden. This charming goddess is also linked with beauty, fertility, and childbirth. She also serves as the protector of all young mothers and acts as a guide of pregnant women.

Not like any other goddesses, known to possess innocence and naïve traits, Xochiquetzal portrays tempting, alluring, and richly attired woman who represents pleasure, and human desire. It is believed that a butterfly and bird entourage always follow her.

According to the myths, she lived on top of the mountain surrounded by beautiful, flowers. She is often associated with the marigold. Her worshipers expressed their faithfulness by wearing  flowers and animal masks during a festival that was celebrated every eight years.

Tlaloc the rain god became Xochiquetzal’s better half. He provided essential rain to the flowers. Over time she started flirting with the god of night, Tezcatlipoca. Because of her  exceptional beauty, he easily fell in love with her even though she did not want to leave her husband. Desperate, Tezcatlipoca  kidnapped the goddess and forces her to marry him while she was still married to Tlaloc.

Xochiquetzal was both a goddess of purity and boldness. 


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