Monday, September 22, 2014


Creature - Human Shapeshifters

Shapeshifting is a concept that is very popular in mythology and is present in almost all cultures. This transformation from one type of being into another form entirely is considered to be supernatural. This means that creature-human shapeshifters transform from creature form into humans. This ability is found in mythology and folklore and is a popular component of storytelling in different societies. This concept is nothing new and has been in existence since the Middle Ages. However, it is still common today in fantasy fiction novels.
This feline-human shapeshifter has been around for centuries, but the phrase werecat was popularized in 1970. This popularization became known as the werewolf and took on a new meaning as a mythological creature. The species of the feline in question can range from domestic cat to lion and tiger. All mythical felines fit the description and these type of shapeshifters were seen to be witches. During the witch trials there were werecats believed to be among the humans.
This hyena-human shapeshifter is a part of African folklore and mythology. This type of shapeshifting creature is slightly different than what is common in other culture and folklore. Most werewolves are originally human and transform into wolf, but the werehyena is different. This type of being is said to be a hyena that can simply disguise itself to take the human form. Ancient myths even suggest that it was believed some villages were filled with werehyenas only and they simply disguised as humans when they were seen.
A werewolf is one of the most popular shapeshifting creatures and is a part of mythological folklore that has transformed into pop culture. This type of human has the ability to transform into a wolf or wolf-like creature. This can be done willingly or the result of some type of curse. This type of folklore was first popularized in European folklore and was developed even further at the time of the medieval period. The belief in a werewolf was said to increase the belief in witches and all things supernatural.
Once the witch trials were over, it became evident that the study of werewolfs was important to folklore studies. It is still come for modern horror literature to elude to this type of shapeshifting being. A wolf-human shapeshifter might be the most well-known creature of its kind in folklore and current popular culture.

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