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Inuit Creatures

Inuit’s Legendary Creatures

Mythology is the basic attempt to explain and understand the origins of a culture. Where did we come from? is a perfect place for mythology to begin. Answers to that question become one of the ways a culture establishes and enforces the cultural rules that are meant to assure survival.
In Inuit mythology as in many societies these origin stories have been passed on from one generation to the next – most often orally. They are attempts to explain the divine mysteries from which all life has sprung forth.

Inuit and Aquatic Human Abductor

The Inuit community lives in Canada’s Artic and much of its mythology includes supernatural beings that have their own song, language and stories. The aquatic human abductor, for example, is part of the spirit world kingdom that lives in the artic sea and grabs those who fall into the water.

It is one of the ways the Inuit people have explained what happens to those who are lost at sea.

There are many legendary creatures in the Inuit mythology.  Here are a few of the most known legendary creatures and a brief synopsis of each:


This is a very human-like sea dweller. It is said to have green skin and long fingers. Legends report that it snatches children who do not listen to their parents. This type of myth became popular with parents who told their children to not stray too far away during sea adventures.


This creature had many different names, but was often referred to as a shadow-person. It is a type of half human that was also sort of invisible in a shadow-like form. It was believed to be similar to humans, but can’t be seen when directly looked at. They were said to have homes, tools and weapons that could be seen after they were dead.


An Akhlut is a spirit that transforms into a wolf when it moves from the water to land. It is extremely dangerous and hunts both humans and other land animals.

Myths about creatures like this, while described with colorful imagination, were able to help govern the Inuit community and keep them safe from harm when near the sea.

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