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The Mythical Irish

The Magical & Mysterious Fir Bolg

In Irish mythology the Fir Bolg race of beings was believed to have lived in Ireland before Tuatha De Danann (tribe of the gods who were the main pre-Christian deities) arrived. The actual origin of the name Fir Bolg is not completely agreed upon. It is often said that it means “men of bags,” but some dispute that theory and suggest it means “men of spears.” No matter what the actual meaning holds, the Fir Bolg are tied to Irish mythology.

Powers of the Fir Bolg Race

They are said to be smaller in stature than the rest of those people living in that region and also worked with gold in some way. Some assume that the origin of the leprechaun can be traced to folklore about the Fir Bolg race; that the captive of the leprechaun gets to keep the gold.

History of the Fir Bolg

It is believed that there were basically three different groups of people who lived together in Ireland:  the Fir Bolg, the fir Domnann and the Gaileanga. It is said that the king of Tuatha wanted the Island for his own people, but that the Fir Blog would not comply. This led to a battle that left the Fir Blog with only a quarter of the Island for themselves. Their efforts and will were what impressed the King of Tuatha and what earned them some of the Island.

Popular Theories

Stories involving the Fir Blog race are not in agreement, but some myths are more popular than others. Some suggest that Fir Blogs were a working race that was forced to carry bags over their shoulders, hence the name “bag men.” Legend states that they finally escaped their abuse when they transformed their bags into boats used to sail Ireland.

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