Monday, March 30, 2015

Victorian Ingenuity

Mind Boggling Inventions

The Victorian Era is acknowledged as a time in history where creativity and innovation were heralded.  This resulted in some mind boggling inventions. Taking a closer look at some of the most popular Victorian inventions we can easily spot the experimentation and ingenuity of the time. Some of these inventions caught on, while others, like the examples listed below, were left in the past forever.

The Rolling Bridge

The purpose of this Victorian invention was to create something that was more adaptable than a standard bridge. However, this invention saw very limited use and never caught on in the way that traditional bridges did. It quickly became widely accepted that the whole notion of a rolling bridge was a pretty bad idea.

Mechanical Horse Brush

Unfortunately, it was more difficult to work this invention than it is to perform the task it was designed to simplify. The arms of the machine were designed to brush a horse automatically. It worked as long as the horse stood still.

Spherical Velocipede

This invention is something that you really had to see to believe. It is basically a transparent sphere with a rod that allowed the rider who sat inside it a way to cycle around in style and out of the wind or rain. 

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