Monday, May 4, 2015

Global Folklore

 Wanderlust Storybook

Legends and folklore, once the sole property of oral tradition, have evolved to also become the heart of folk literature around the world.  The advent of printing (and publishing) have made it possible for these folklore messages to travel from one language and culture to the next. And cyberspace allows us to do so more quickly than ever before.

One such example of the digital bridge is the Wanderlust Storybook. This beautifully illustrated ebook pulls together enchanting and educational stories that link people to their natural worlds. Sisters as mountains, turtles in lakes, men of steel and more remind us that, despite our diverse backgrounds, we all share similar hopes and dreams, and can find our way through the maze of obstacles and challenges we face.

Conrad Bird selected six stories from such countries and regions as Ghana, Vietnam, Andes, and Australia. These larger-than-life versions of how people find strength, true love, and higher purpose are illustrated by Orhi Draws.  

According to, this folklore collection is designed to whet your appetite for travel.  It does. Who wouldn’t want to know more about these folklore-rich places?
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Illustrations from The Lake of the Returned Sword –Vietnam and The Three Sisters - Australia

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