Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Persimmon Lore


 Winter Weather Lore

 According to Ozark folklore, the shape of Persimmon seeds can actually predict the severity of winter in the area. It has been reported that
  • a spoon-shaped seed indicates a higher than average snowfall for winter
  •  a knife shape signals colder than average temperatures
  • a fork shape indicates warmer than average winters

There is no consensus about the accuracy of this prediction method, but countless blogs cite Persimmon seed predictions as an annual fun tradition shared among family and friends.

Other folklore about this fruit can be found in a Korean folk legend. A mother in a remote village attempts to quiet her inconsolable baby so that an approaching tiger cannot hear its cry. Just as the tiger is ready to pounce the mother yells out "Look there is a persimmon!" Her effort quiets the baby who already knows that persimmons can be stringent.

The tiger, thinking the persimmon must be a powerful enough to stop the baby from crying, decides to leave them alone.


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