Thursday, January 4, 2018

African Orishas

Yoruba Mythology Bridging Generations with Color

According to Yoruba cosmology all human beings possess a destiny or fate that will ultimately become one in spirit with Olodumare.  Olodumare, one of the three manifestations of the Supreme Creator in this rich pantheon, carries the responsibility of coordinating the Universe and can be found in Orishas. These deities possess the ability to embody aspects of Olodumare and serve as intermediaries between humans and the supernatural.

To illustrate, literally, how some of these male and female appearances have shown up in physical world, Nzinga-Christina Reid has recently created the easy to understand Yoruba Mythology Coloring Book: The Gods and Goddesses of Yorubaland. The book honors African spirituality and the celebrates its ancient history which is rooted in West Africa’s Nigeria.

Crossing the Atlantic

Basic characteristics and traits of the Orishas crossed the Atlantic with the Africans during their force migration passage, according to the Reid. The author, a licensed master social worker is also founder of Black Diaries, Inc. This non-profit was established to share the personal narratives of people of color. She also serves as Associate Adjunct faculty at Columbia University School of Professional Studies.

 “I wanted something people could easily access, do something to relax, and (be) kind of carefree,” in learning, said Reid, of the soft cover 24-page book that is designed to encourage discussion and conversation.

It is also meant to be a missing link for those of all ages who seek to know their pre-slavery ancestry. According to her formal education in the United States “normally includes Greek Mythology, whereby students are taught Zeus, Apollo, and others, yet information about African mythology is omitted.”

Yoruba Mythology Coloring Book: The Gods and Goddesses of Yorubaland is available on Amazon ($8.99) and is an affordable and practical gift-giving idea for Black History Month as well as birthdays and holidays.

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