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Rituals and Recipes

 A Year of Rituals and Recipes: Activate Your Intentions for Manifesting  is an easy-to-use ebook (Kindle) that offers a specific ritual and recipe for each month of the year. Published by the non-profit La Bona Dea, it is a self-guided tour for one or for small groups.

I recently interviewed High Priestess Tina Deason, founder of La Bona Dea (The Good Goddess), and High Priestess and Executive Director of The Iseum of Mary, a non-profit church, about this book.

Q. Does one need to start A Year of Rituals and Recipes in January, or can one start during any month, say March, and complete the cycle in February of the following year?

 A. That’s a valid question, especially for those who are linear and like to begin at the beginning. January is special because it is the gateway to a new year, and traditionally is a time to set goals and make resolutions. However, you should not put off success and authenticity until a new year.  Jumping right in is where you begin.

 I follow the “wheel of the year” concept that offers opportunities throughout the year to start. When tuned into your rhythms, you’ll notice when you are ready to make a change. In short, it’s acceptable to use any ritual during any month so long as it feels right and fits your need.

 Q. In the book you and the other priestesses write “rituals put our meditations and thoughts into practice.” Can you briefly explain what that means; how that works?

 A. While daydreaming I summon goals. Fantasizing is one way to sort out life’s path. I find my path through thinking about what I want. I also do this while washing dishes, dusting, folding laundry and such. I drift to a place where thoughts flow and can have “light bulb” moments.

Meditating and/or quiet times of breathing relaxation practices can also provide the space for clarity. This grounding helps you wait for directions.

Q. Talk a bit about rituals.

A.  If what you “want” is worth pursuing it can be put into action with ritual. This may be as simple as washing your hands to rid myself of responsibilities you've been holding for another. Other rituals are more involved. Altars, magic circles, invoking support from higher realms, seeking specific protection or attributes from a God or Goddess, animal totem, angel or saint can assist you during the transition from “before” to “after”.

Q. How do the recipes connect to the rituals? Where did you find these recipes and how did you choose which to use when?

A. I come from a long line of kitchen witches. Great cooks who use herbs and spices, fresh produce and the constant litany to “eat to grow big and strong.” I have my grandmother’s huge cast iron pan. I lovingly joke that I’d inherited her cauldron!

 So, for me, it makes sense that some rituals include food. It also explains why I never follow recipes, but just add what feels right. I practice stirring clockwise with intentions I want, and counterclockwise when I am banishing.

There is much lore and healing around foods, too. Once, I could not get enough raspberries. Why? I asked. I was going through a depressed time, and felt very alone even though I live in a happy household with dogs, kids, and a husband. I then learned of the love-inducing properties of raspberries. Just what I needed: to love myself.

Creating magic and ritual is easy with food. We crave comfort foods and decadent foods. Why not imbue them with the magical properties of herbs, fruit, vegetables, even certain grains to help us from the inside out?  

Q. Readers will be pleased to know that you are sharing the book’s March recipe with us. Please tell us about this cake.

A. March is traditionally known for springtime and is symbolic of rebirth. During the pandemic, we chose to have a re-birthday party for our March Full Moon Zoom. We invoked Goddess Ostara (Ostara/ Esther/Easter) who is celebrated at this time. We shared stories of the pagan origin of the birthday cake. Priestess Elbaroda created the Ostara Honey Mug Cake and each participant made her own mug cake with birthday candle in advance of the gathering. Together we talked about the magical properties of the ingredients, including optional herbs and spices to enhance specific wishes.

Wow! I’m going to make one for myself after we finish our interview.

Here is a link to the recipe and a link to purchase the ebook. The paperback version is forthcoming. 

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