Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Anniversary Giveaway

  The Organic Gardener’s Cookbook

Lately, it seems as if more and more people are hopping off of the fast food train and traveling to a new destination filled with organically grown foods . Besides putting an end to muffin tops every time you put on your once favorite pair of jeans, there are many benefits to eating organic and even growing your own vegetable garden (unless you’re like me then all of the plants seem to die after a few weeks of flourishing). Some of these positive factors can include but are of course not limited to:

        • Avoiding GMO’s and improving your family’s health. This gives yourself and your kids the opportunity to get outside and do a little exercise. Once the hard work has paid off, it’s right there in front of you so you have no excuse to not eat it!
        • Reduce your environmental impact-this one is a biggy! You don’t have to drive to the grocery store, the amount of fossil fuels that pollute the air from transporting the product will decrease, and you’ll spare mother nature’s ground from pesticides.
        • Saving money on groceries and reducing food waste. You can also save the seeds from some fruits/vegetables to plant the following year.
It can definitely be hard work but there are so many positive outcomes that stem from growing your own organic produce. Now some of you may be thinking: “How can I truly satisfy my grown-caveman-meat-eating-husband and picky kids on an organic and mostly vegetable diet?” *BLING*! That’s the lightbulb clicking over your head because I have a solution for you: The Organic Gardener’s Cookbook. It’s filled with over 100 pages of advice on how to grow your own vegetables, how to cook said vegetables properly and even provides tons of delicious recipes.
To celebrate our 6th anniversary, FolkHeart Press will be giving away a copy of this book and our favorite foodlore book, BlackPepper Visions: Original Folktales & Stories You Can Eat and a journal to write your own recipes and food stories. All you have to do to enter is visit our Giveaway Page.
By the way, we've even got a recipe in the cookbook -yummy!

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