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Legendary Home of the Aztecs

Aztlan is a legendary city that is said to have been located in present day southwest parts of America. However, even though legend speaks of Aztlan there has never been a physical location found to prove its existence. Aztlan,  much like the Seven Cities of Gold, has a magical history, and might just be legend and myth.

Aztec Tradition

Some believe the reason there is no proof of Aztlan is that it was spoken of by the Aztecs who were said to have fled Aztlan in 1111 CE and then moved toward the south for more than two centuries. They finally found a dwelling in the Valley of Mexico that they called home. Once they arrived at this location, records were reportedly rewritten to make the entire Aztec tribe sound more legendary and god-like. These new writings were filled with myths and legends that spoke highly of Aztlan; no defeats or weaknesses were mentioned.

Meaning of the Name

The actual meaning of the term Aztlan connotes a “place of whiteness.” The legends surrounding Aztlan have numerous connections to the name. It is believed that this city was surrounded by snow or in a land that was filled with white giants. Some ancient Aztec legends even state that Aztecs made their way to the city of Aztlan by crawling from the center of the earth. Aztlan is often attributed with having seven caves or temples which link this city to the Seven Cities of Gold. Legend even has it that Aztlan might actually be Atlantis, but popular belief is that it existed in southwestern America. 

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