Monday, January 26, 2015

Scottish Creatures


of Scottish Legend

Scottish legend is steeped in history and the mythological creatures of those legends have distinct appearances and duties.

Ghillie Dhu or Tree Guardian

This Scottish creature has black hair and is said to be a type of fairy that lives alone in trees. It is about seven feet tall and has light green skin that makes it look like a tree with thin arms (branches). Once shy, it spent time protecting the woods, but became angry once the territory was stolen by man. They still protected children and kept the wooded areas safe from harm for those who wander.

Drow or Cavern Spirit

In Scottish folklore the drow is known as the cavern spirit and wanders aimlessly looking for those who have lost their way. In some legends the drow is harmful, in others it only wishes well.


This famous creature wanders in search of families to help. It is said to perform household tasks including folding clothes, cooking and cleaning. They want to remain invisible so they hide behind the scenes and work at night when no one in the home knows that they are there. 


This creature is described as a type of fairy that takes the place of a child who is suffering. Infants born with disease and/or disabilities are exchanged with changelings who would not feel pain while in the child’s body.

These and many more Scottish legendary creatures tales are still told today.

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