Monday, January 19, 2015

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Legendary Creatures of Columbia
Want to know about Columbian customs, beliefs and cultural traditions? Take a look at its folklore.  Many traditional folk stories revolve around legendary creatures that have been passed on for generations. This folklore is rooted in Spanish culture, but it also has ties to both Native American and African American cultures as well.
Here are some of the most popular legendary Columbian creatures:
One Foot
This creature lives in the jungle and is always looking for prey. It is especially seen as frightening by young children.
The Moan
This creature lives in both the forest and river. Considered to be a protector in the forest, it also takes women and disturbs those trying to fish or hunt in the forest.
The Llorona
This weeping woman is a ghost that mourns the loss of a child she killed by drowning. When she is seen, it is believed that death is near.
The Madremonte
This creature is called the mother of the forest and is one of the creatures that actually protects rather than causing harm. However, she only protects the forest and the animals that live within it. She gets rid of the humans trying to destroy the animals in the forest. This folkloric figure is often identified with Mother Nature.
The Hombre Caiman
This alligator-human form is most prominent in South American folklore. Many say it is the spirit of a fisherman near the Magdalena River that was swallowed by an alligator. He returns every year to hunt victims on St. Sebastian’s Day.
These are among the more common creatures in Columbian folklore.  They all teach lessons about how to behave in society as well as how to treat the natural world.
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