Monday, January 9, 2017

Funny and Smart

Can Smart Be Fun?

Becoming smarter can actually be fun. Here are some silly ways to check out.

Carry around a book: Try to carry around a book at all time, and every time you get bored or have a second to spare, crack it open. This allows brain activity to be consistent active, and reading is much better for your brain than any smartphone game.

Balance in weird positions: Balancing in unusual positions is a perfect example of how body and mind can interact. It can cause unpredictability rather than repetition, which allows your brain to stay engaged. Next time you’re at work and want to enhance the intelligence of your “body brain”, try to balance in a weird position.

Go to bed just like grandparents do: Getting a normal amount of sleep is largely underrated in today’s society. However, it is essential for creating new memories (newly developed neural pathways from whatever you learned that day). Next time, try to make a bed plan that allows your body at least 8 hours of sleep. Trust me, your brain will thank you. 

Eat the same meal every day: This is one cognitive advantage that allows you to preserve free will, by not having to make tiny decisions throughout the day about trivial things like choosing a meal. So, next time instead of leaving it up until just before you eat to decide, pick a meal you could see yourself eating almost every day. Spend your “interesting” brain power on more important things. 

Stare at the wall: In today's society, little time is usually given to just relax and escape the distractions of TV, music, etc. Unfortunately, these distractions can keep us away from creating ideas, or being aware and paying attention to the concept of creating or building out ideas when we do have them. So instead of waking up and immediately hopping onto social media outlets, try to enjoy the quiet and observe your thoughts. 

Bet against yourself: It might sound crazy, however betting against yourself can create artificial incentives that can get you motivated very quickly. Some economists and psychologists consider betting against yourself to be a “commitment device” that can help your brain.

Sprint into work (or school) in the morning: Our brains are programmed for convenience. Everyone has the urge to park as close to the building as possible. If your wanting to give your brain a boost to start the day however, this is not the best strategy. Research has shown that running gets blood and oxygen flowing to the brain, which enhances cognitive performance afterwards.  

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