Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Star Superstitions

How Many Star Superstitions Do You Know?

For eons, mankind has been creating myths about the heavens. Superstitions and stories about these mysterious celestial bodies helped people ‘understand’ their relationship to these majestic space bodies.

Here are a few of the folk myths, legends and lessons that have been passed on from generation to generation.

Hands to Yourself: Pointing at the stars, in some societies, can be just as frowned upon as pointing at a stranger in public. Many legends about the ancient behavioral belief stem from the notion that the stars were gods or other supernatural beings who peered down at Earth from the heavens. Such activity was ‘rude’ and could anger that deity.

Make a Wish: Given the magic associated with shooting stars, there’s no surprise there are many beliefs linked to them. While many cultures suggest that gazing upon these stars brings good luck, some believe shooting stars are more specific in their purpose. For example, if worried about finances, say the word “money” three times before the star burns out. The hope is that this can lift one out of poverty.

Lucky Stars: Some shooting stars can affect your life without any action on your part. However, the type of luck you end up with could depend on something as random as where the star is positioned in the sky. If you spot a fallen star on your right, it means good luck, while one on your left will unfortunately indicate bad luck.

Make it Count: Counting the stars may be a good way to pass the time on a clear night, but superstitious folks should skip counting them in favor of other pastimes. For some people, it is considered a sure way to bring on bad luck. Some legends state that if you attempt to count the stars in the sky, you'll die when you reach 100.

Stars at Sea: Like farmers, fishermen and other seafarers have their own star-related superstitions and beliefs. By observing the direction that a shooting star travels, it is believed that sailors have long been able to predict which way the winds will blow. The North Star has served as a powerful navigating tool at sea, allowing sailors to calculate latitude and determine the correct course to reach their destination.

Farming Superstitions: Farmers have used the stars to predict the weather. One superstition from England warns that there will be a poor harvest when the evening star is low in the sky.

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