Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Funeral Folklore

A Funeral Drive Thru?

Have you ever wished you could mourn your loved one in the comfort of your…car?

Thanks to Carl Eggleston, it’s now possible.

If your still left questioning or confused why someone would want to view a loved one in their car, President Carl Eggleston of Farmville’s Oliver & Eggleston Funeral Establishment may be able to persuade.

Eggleston thought of this idea twelve years ago and has now made it a reality. Over the years, his Virginia Funeral home has seen it’s fair share of funerals and he fully embodies each person’s unique grieving process. He deems that a drive -thru makes it easier for people with disabilities to view their loved one at their own time and pace. It also prevents the elderly from having to bundle up when there is severe weather.

The drive-thru has been opened for two months now, and so far no takers. However, Eggleston is not discouraged.

He told WTVR, “Somebody’s got to be the first one. We just offer the families something different, so they have options.”

If anything it has definitely attracted onlookers. Eggleston further explained to WTVR that he has received many curious phone calls and people wanting to take pictures of the drive-thru.

It seems that he is very satisfied with this obscure, yet thoughtful option for his mourners. Staff at the Virginia Funeral home are crossing their fingers that they receive a client soon and this new innovation will catch on and not become a ‘drive by’.

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